Android basic concepts

Learning android application is easy, Provided we have clear idea about its 3 concepts

  • Activity
  • Service
  • Broadcast Receiver

Eventually all the above represented as a Java/Kotlin class.

Activity – All UI related, Creating views, managing states and objects comes under this section. Anything we display in app, comes under this category. Since it is to do with displaying something, we can say, we talk about Foreground part of Android.

Service – Anything invisible or works without displaying something, comes under this category.

Almost opposite to activity. So we can say Background part of Android.

Broadcast Receiver – Conditional based, demonised processes are covered in this segment. This part covers topics of receiving call backs when conditions met or broadcasting data across application. The “receiver” part of broadcast receiver works when a suitable intent filter gets a value, like when SMS arrived (remember OTP apps), Or user enters Wifi/ bluetooth zone etc. The “broadcast” part can be used for sending (broadcast) data across the device and application without depending underlying object initialisation. (We will see them in detail)

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